Literacy New York and Advocacy

Since the 1980’s, Literacy Volunteers of New York State (LV-NYS) has been a leader in adult literacy advocacy at the state and federal levels. LV-NYS has worked diligently to improve the New York LVA network’s access to elected officials, to promote proactive public policy advocacy, and increase Literacy Volunteer staff, tutor, board, and student knowledge of the legislative process that affects adult literacy funding.

Now, the literacy network has a new Internet advocacy tool, Capitol Advantage/CapWiz that connects citizens to their elected officials. CapWiz will enable the New York Literacy Network to keep up to date on critical issues; identify elected representatives at the state, local, and federal level; and to communicate their views to their lawmakers via targeted e-mail, fax, or letter.

CapWiz provides us with the ability to search relevant state and federal legislation; alert the network to critical legislative issues and votes; compose letters; and direct electronic responses.

We urge you to access the Literacy New York CapWiz Advocacy site often and watch for adult literacy and education ALERTS.

If you have questions or need assistance with any of the CapWiz features,
please e-mail [email protected].

Click on the Action Alert logo to go to Literacy New York’s CapWiz site: